Wednesday, May 29, 2013


So you've stumbled on here somehow (that is if you're not one of the "few" people I've threatened, moving on...) and might be wondering what this blog is all about?

"ambitiousprojects" is well, the sort of "company name" I made up years ago for various projects that I'd work on like machinima, games and general youtube videos; although you probably can't really call it a "company" if there is only one person in it, quite contradictory dontchya thuunk?

I decided to make this blog so I could have a focus on game making, thus the name "ambitiousGAMES" (cre-aa-teeeeve no?).

I'll end this here, its a very brief introduction, I could've done better, maybe even add in a list of the games I have made or was involved in but its past 11PM (I still don't know how to change the timezones on this blogger thing -_-;) and my restless brain refuses to spend more time on this first post.



Oh btw, I'm verttie/vertigoaddict/horrorvictim/rusty_glitter, yadda yadda yadda different names for different places simply because others might've chosen the same username, if you stumble upon a guy named vertigoaddict on youtube...that's not me, I'm horrorvictim on youtube, just to clear things up.