Saturday, April 11, 2015

Under the belt

So far this blog has been so very empty. Despite being a blog I started for the games I create (or would) I don't really talk much about the games I...actually created/ completed.

I was never big into blogging and I don't even upkeep my diary that well...I don't even remember where I put that thing, do a lot of people my age still keep personal diaries?

Well to stop myself from going off a tangent, I've decided to type this post up to share and briefly talk about my games, the ambitious games (quite ironically not so ambitious 'cause I usually just go for the easy route...ugh this is why people think I'm a hipter). Let's commence!

1) Jacob: VA's cut:
Released on 24th December 2007

This was the very first game I ever managed to complete and on my own on top of that. I was so excited back then. The story in itself is not very original, heck it was based on another game that I beta-tested (I got permission from the original creator), it was called 'Jacob' (really? 16 year old me, really?). Basically it's about a girl who goes on  trip to introduce her boyfriend (Jacob, ding ding ding!) to her parents, she wakes up alone and confused in a funky looking hotel and goes off looking for Jacob/ looking for a way out (The original game is in the viewpoint of the boyfriend). This game was crap, the art was crap, the story was crappily executed, the voice acting (features my first ever attempt at voice acting) crap but it was my crap, and you know what they say about crap? It makes the flowers grow.

2) A Simple Fix:
Released on June 30th 2011

This was a game that I made for the Adventure Game Studio monthly compettition "MAGS", where competitors create a game in one month (Mr.Obvious is obvious) based on that month's theme chosen by the previous winner. The game itself is about a crow who tries to help an abandoned doll re-connect with her owner. It's simple and pretty decent imo.

3) All Gone Soon:
Released on 2nd February 2015

This was another MAGS entry (for the January 2015 MAGS- there was a small extension given, which explains why I was able to release it on February). I call this one a 'boner project' partly 'cause I felt like I did more of whatever I wanted to and then squished it enough to relate to the theme of the month. I've always wanted to create more games that had same-sex relationships  (not just games really, movies, books, etc). I finally made a game with a homosexual couple so that made me happy (though the sexy dating sim is still under construction), I didn't want it to feel like a forced PSA about discrimination though so I hope people could see that this is a game about a relationship, two people going through a break-up.

Hmm looks like I have a 4 year time period in between games, well hopefully I can change that one of these days (at least for short games that shouldn't take more than 3 months).

I have so many folders in my computer and external hard-drives of so many of my ideas, concept art and what not and I'm not really going anywhere with most of them; I suspect this is normal though, one of these days I might just go through the lot of them and create a bunch of short games or maybe I'll merge them all into this wacky mess of a game, who knows? As long as I stay ambitious (wink, wink), it's all gooooood.