Thursday, September 24, 2015

Slipping, Fixing and Playing

I'm really slipping on these blog posts and progress on BOA, I'm just not feeling it. On the other hand, I have been working on the next version of All Gone Soon 2, simple stuff like re-scripting a few hotspots, changing the default walk speed, contemplating finding another voice actor to voice Giles (a genuine Essex voice might be better, right?).

Recently I've given myself some more time to actually play some games, I've spent quite a chunk this week on In Verbis Virtus, a gimmicky game that uses voice recognition where you say out spells in their made-up language to cast them's so effing cool! XD (though it seems the more spells I learn the more the voice recognition messes up, it's still pretty decent but there's like two spells that are incredibly hard to get right, still fun though- now that's a good game, to be so enjoyable, it transcends the problems). If you're interested you can take a look.

Another game I'm spending a lot of time on is Red Fuse, I've never been a big puzzle gamer, but I've definitely spent quite a chunk of my time blowing shit up; it's oddly satisfying. You dispense bombs that roll around in a cavern platform and try to blow up a bunch of rocks that have gems in them- trying to figure out the physics and using which tools to help move one bomb to the other is where most of the fun comes in really. You can check it out over here.

So I'm not really feeling BOA much these days, I'm still itching on working on a horror themed game, maybe I should just follow my instincts? I could always work on both for now and then kick myself in the ass later.


Saturday, September 5, 2015

Back again!

Hey guys! (if there actually are people who read this blog).
I haven't forgotten about BOA, but I did put it to the side for the whole month of August to concentrate my efforts on this month's MAGS competition.

Download link here

A sequel to my January MAGS entry, I tried to be really ambitious with this one (no pun intended). I'm quite proud of what I had managed to churn out, although again it isn't exactly what I originally had in mind, it actually came close to plan B.

And so I will continue on with work and updates on BOA, even though I'm kinda itching to work on a horror game right now, heh.

Not like I dont have a bunch of notes for those...

It's good that I managed to release this game, I managed to break my years hiatus between games *knock wood*.

--Iddie out.