Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Project Hecka

There was a game I wanted to make, the first adventure game studio game I ever wanted to make, about a cult in an all-girl's high school.

Whatever happened to that?

It just never went off and now I feel like if I don't get it done then I'm doing myself a diservice.

I remember at one point (after so many years) I looked at the script and was like bleeergh.

I think this would be a good opportunity to learn 3D art better, make pre-rendered 3D modeled backgrounds.

First step is to write a better script with more interesting puzzles, I feel the original puzzles were too bland and a product of the script rather than challenges and while I don't want to fill the game up with just puzzle to puzzle solving for plot progression, there should be more variety, it'll hopefully make the actual gaming experience enjoyable.

Well, here's to being ambitious, time to start it off again!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fun with sex and adventure

I remember long ago, I don't exactly remember when but I must have been around 12-13 years old, I wanted to make a sex game. Well perhaps less of a sex game, more of a relationship simulator game where the end reward is sex (basically every yaoi game out there); like I said, I must have been 12 or 13 years old then, I distinctly remember being into yaoi roleplaying forums back then.

I've been fufilling the list off my diary little by little now and I can't believe I haven't done this yet.

Well, no time like the present right?

I don't want to make just any dating sim game though, not right now at least; I deffo had plans on making one in the past, the files filled with concept art and scripts are scattered all around in my hard-drives. I want to make an adventure game, I want to make something fun, it doesn't even have to be to the best of my abilities,

It'd be great if people could enjoy a game I enjoyed making, if I kept that momentum up, I'm sure it will show through. I haven't decided on a title for the game yet, but I have outlined 6 chapters, just outlines. Everything is still at its bare bones. So far, it's a story about an orphan boy who stumbles upon the abandoned castle of a former evil wizard and somehow manages to become the new leader of his demon minions. I don't want to give too much away just yet though (call me stingy).

Well I don't know what else to add to this post, seeyaz!