Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A few inspirations

So last night I realised that I still hadn't worked on anything new for the game (B.O.A) since the last blog post. I had planned to compose some intro music and maybe storyboard an intro vid to go with it, draw up some title screen concepts too maybe... but I got really tired and went to bed.

That being said, I'd like to share some of the videos I keep going back to for inspiration (in no particular order):

1) Breath of Fire 3
So goddamn simple (of course after waiting a while in the title screen, the game would load up an in-game graphic cutscene that explains how dragons are -thought to be- extinct).
While conceptualising B.O.A, I did take inspiration from this to include a mural in one of the locations the player will go to, to expand more on the history and mythos (did I use that word correctly?) of the game's universe. So making an 'intro vid' with that mural panning across would make sense if it is somehow related to the main plot. Quick note to self that no one else would really get- the necklace = orphan found instead of ring in org game idea? or rather ev-stone orphan use untuk good is = ev-stone orang jahat dalam boa use?- Had to write that down quickly lest I forget, sometimes ideas just strike like a migraine.

2) Legend of Mana
Like many games of it's time, its intro is basically a gameplay montage. The whole point of doing that is to give a taste of how the game is going to be (Dr. Obvious has his game face on).
This makes sense for a big epic AAA title RPG, but since I'm making a free indie adventure title, I'm not sure that's really needed, maybe however, I could throw in some quotes from the characters; adventure games are nothing if not story driven.

Also, I really like the music here. This intro shows some of the locations you'll visit, so maybe I could incoporate that somehow in my intro as well (maybe a panning view of a castle, cave, temple and/or forest?).

Wild Arms
This freakin' intro won an academy award or something (look it up). Like an experimental film, this intro is less direct on what the game is about and concentrates more on feeding the player's visual pallete. It's more in line of what I'm thinking of doing, though probably not as elaborate; at the moment, I'm the only one working on this game after all.

The Elder Scrolls: Arena
Wait... what?  It's not from a JRPG? I'll be honest the title of my game "Book of Akiva" was heavily influenced by the title of "The Elder Scrolls" and I wanted to have something like this (via a book visual) to show after the player selects "New Game"; a bit of cheeky exposition before the real game starts.

Honorable mentions:
Other intro videos that has nothing that I hadn't talked about above.

 Breath of Fire 4
Can you tell I'm a big fan of the franchise?

Azure Dreams (PS1)
I have always loved this one as a kid, the music is epic, the editing is tight, the visuals are just so damn puuurrrty. There's a Game Boy Colour remake that has a much, MUCH simpler intro, it's kind of "meh" but I'll include it in this list as well, since even that is giving me ideas.

Azure Dreams (GBC)
See above.

...that music is so goddamn cheery...

Summon Night: Swordcraft Story
Summon Night is a franchise I'm not all too familiar with, I picked this game up recently and lost a lot of hours on it (my eyes were so red after the first play through).

The intro though... damn that's effin' short, and I thought the intros to Breath of Fire 3 was short (Then again in Breath of Fire 1, Ryu does a little He-man thing and lightling strikes, that lasts a few seconds before going into the title screen).

Man... how many times did I type "Goddamn" in the blog post?


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