Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Full Motion Videos- ish

I was supposed to write up this post last night, but I guess I just got too tired and forgot about it, funny since the whole day I was like, "gotta write up that post", well here it is:

So I'm doing it, an FMV intro,  think this will be the only FMV I'll make for the game (unless I decide to make one for the very ending, probably not, this one already feels tedious to do on my own).

I'm keeping the colouring and general art style simple, it doesn't have to be overly perfect as long as I do it. I even debated forgoing adding the shadows, but I think it just looks a little better this way. The pictures above are pretty self-explainatory; sketch, line, fill colour, shade.

This intro vid is going to be 1:20 minutes long, that's gon' be a lotta frames, maybe I just shouldn't be too bothered if it ends up looking a bit choppy? Stop being too much of a perfectionist and learn to get things done, right?

NB: This is the vilian character named "Mal" (French word for "Bad" subtle eh?). While sometimes I think his hat makes him look like he's cosplaying a girl scout, his whole outfit is actually mostly based on a picture of the Chancellor Sir Thomas More.


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