Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Just another simple update

I actually completely forgot to add a post on the 28th. I guess you can't really say "completely" since I'm writting it up now, but I'm human, so I get to make contradictory comments sometimes.
My mind has been in quite a weird state for a very long time now and things are just getting more and more pathetic really; that's a different story that I'm going to leave vague and I'm going to stop here about that.

So the game, I'm still working on the intro, the animation I'm working on is a bit choppy atm but it might work well enough, as soon as I complete the bare minimum for that small clip at the begining, I'm going to work in the middle then jump around the sequences so the quality of work would balance out if I ever get a bit lazy, that's usually the way I work, when I do stuff like this; I'm non-linear.

I also sketched the speech portraits of all the main characters I thought up so far, I was thinking of showing it in this post, but now I think I might keep it for the next post or maybe I won't show it till the demo release, who knows? I'm just not feeling it today.

Not like many people actually check this blog...I dunno, whatever.


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