Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Ready for my close up (?)

So this is something that I drew up much earlier in the development stage but hadn't touched on since (yeah I'm really behind with production progress, at least I'm still blogging about it *knock wood*).

I was conceptualising the main character's face (mainly whilst looking at pictures of young Jennifer Connelly and Rachel Leigh Cook). I keep debating whether or not I should go for my usual "realistic" style (when it comes to speech portraits) or go for a more anime/manga style that I used to do when I was younger, it would be (if I were to go with the style above) easier to draw for animating if I really do end up choosing to do a couple of FMVs for the game (not too many obviously and probably quite short, so this would raise the question of where to strategically place these FMVs.

I really have been slacking off, tomorrow I really should kick myself up to work on that opening theme music; do the fun stuff to keep yourself interested.


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